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About CIPLA:

In 1918, members of the patent profession from Cleveland, Akron and Canton formed the Cleveland Patent Law Association. The name was changed to the Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association (CIPLA) in 1990.

CIPLA is open to past and present members of the Bar with a practice in Intellectual Property Law, patent agents, and law students interested in Intellectual Property Law.

CIPLA is an active group, bringing together the private practitioner and the corporate lawyer at meetings that typically include dinner and a speaker on topics of interest to the profession. Breakout sessions preceding dinner provide the opportunity to earn Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. Meetings are held throughout the year at various locations in Cleveland and Akron. In the spring, an annual dinner dance is held where the new officers of the Association are elected.

CIPLA cosponsors an annual Intellectual Property Law Seminar, the All-Ohio Annual Institute on Intellectual Property. The All-Ohio program has been held annually since 1991 and attracts top IP scholars who speak on a variety of topics. 

CIPLA also supports innovation and STEM-related community activities, with previous contributions made to activities including Camp Invention, Ohio Invention League, and the Ohio Patent Pro Bono Program.

Founding Members:

Ira J. Adams Jesse B. FayB.M. KentJohn F. Robb
E.R. Alexander T.H. FayArthur F. KwisGeorge W. Saywell
J.H. Anderson Karl FenningC.L. LandonFrank L. Sessions
Albert H. Bates H.T. FisherJustin W. MacklinHarold E. Smith
Charles E. Brock Harry FreaseArthur E. MerkelEdwin L. Thurston
Bluford W. Brockett Ray S. GehrR.B. MoserBrennan B. West
Hon. William L. Day Wayne M. HartJohn F. OberlinJoseph L. Wright
G.E. Dunstan Arthur J. HudsonRobert M. Pierson
Albert L. Ely John B. HullGeorge B. Pitts
Horace B. Fay Elbert L. HydeF.O. Richey

Past Presidents:

1918-22 Jesse B. Fay 1954-55  Harry C. Page1979-80  Albert C. Doxsey2004-05  Jeffrey M. Samuels
1923-24 Harry Frease 1955-56George S. Baldwin1980-81Lowell L. Heinke2005-06Heidi A. Boehlefeld
1925-27 John B. Hull 1956-57Frederic M. Bosworth1981-82James A. Lucas2006-07Daniel S. Kalka
1928-29 Albert Lynn Lawrence 1957-58James T. Hoffman1982-83Albert P. Sharpe III2007-08James A. Dimitrijevs
1930-31 Albert H. Bates 1958-59Joseph F. Frease1983-84Frank C. Manak III2008-09Vivian Y. Tsang
1932-33 Arthur F. Kwis 1959-60Jerome F. Kramer1984-85Edward (Ned) Oldham2009-10Steven M. Auvil
1934-35 John R. Milburn 1960-61John C. Oberlin1985-86Thomas M. Schmitz2010-11Jon D. Wood
1936-37 John F. Oberlin 1961-62Joseph B. Teagno1986-87James A. Watterson2011-12John A. Kastelic
1937-38 Elbert L. Hyde 1962-63Vernon G. Parker1987-88James V. Tura2012-13Deborah A. Wilcox
1938-39 George W. Saywell 1963-64Wm. Crighton Sessions1988-89James A. Baker2013-14Patricia A. Motta
1939-40 Harvey Hawgood 1964-65Robert A. Sturges1989-90Ernst H. Ruf2014-15Chris H. Hunter
1940-41 Robert W. Wilson 1965-66Leland L. Chapman1990-91Armand P. Boisselle2015-16Tara A. Kastelic
1941-42 William C. Mccoy 1966-67Ernest K. Bean1991-92Daniel J. Hudak2016-17Ari Sherwin
1942-43 Arthur J. Hudson 1967-68John F. Pearne1992-93Donald A. Rowe2017-18Luis A. Carrion
1943-44 Ray S. Gehr 1968-69Richard G. Smith1993-94David A. Thomas2018-19Una L. Lauricia
1944-45 John H. Anderson 1969-70James H. Tilberry1994-95Christopher B. Fagan2019-20Georgia Yanchar
1945-46 Harry R. Canfield 1970-71Harold S. Meyer1995-96Mary Ann Tucker2020-21 Malisheia O. Douglas
1946-47 John W. Meyer 1971-72Walter Maky1996-97Regan J. Fay2021-22Angela R. Gott
1947-48 Albert R. Teare 1972-73John N. Wolfrm1997-98James M. Moore2022-23Christian R. Drago
1948-49 Solon J. Boughton 1973-74J. Herman Yount, Jr.1998-99Mark A. Watkins2023-24Bonnie M. Smith
1949-50 B.D. Watts 1974-75Merton H. Douthitt1999-00Neil DuChez  
1950-51 John R. Robb 1975-76Thomas E. Fisher2000-01Robert E. McDonald  
1951-52 Lloyd L. Evans 1976-77Frank C. Rote2001-02Don W. Bulson  
1952-53 Charles E. Herrstrom 1977-78Clayton J. Toddy2002-03Kenneth C. Williams  
1953-54 William E. Williams 1978-79Alfred C. Body2003-04Michael W. Garvey  


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